A4- Big Baskets and Stands

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A4- Big Baskets and Stands

Flowers that Stands Tall:

Are you looking for a tall flower basket or stand arrangement having height of 3 to 6 feet? Do you need some changes in the items shown above to match the occasion? Above all, this online shop has many years experience and talent to prepare such big flower stands for delivery in Dubai.

What is in your mind?

Tell us how you want the flowers to be displayed, what height and width, and we can make it the same way, provided it is for a gift. If you can let us know the occasion like wedding on which it is required, we can send some pictures to select the suitable one without delay. First thing to remember, you always have freedom to ask us to make changes in color or style of the big basket arrangement. If you need to increase the height or make the size bigger we would be happy to assist at extra cost.

As per Your Budget:

On the positive side, it is better to decide a budget and tell us so that we can suggest a suitable, value for money solution for big basket of flowers stand for delivery in Dubai. All things considered, stand arrangements budget need to be minimum AED 350/- and maximum price is AED 1000/-. It can be made on a metal stand, big willow basket or with bamboo or normal sticks in such a way that it remains fresh and in good shape for many days.

Customizations of big stands:

We can fix the message on top of the big basket of flowers stand on a premium card board. If an individual customer needs delivery to a particular person at an event venue or if there is any other special instructions, we would be happy to follow them. Representatives of companies in Dubai can call us to let us know the requirement of a tall stand carrying fresh flowers for its customization.