Combo Gifts

Combo gifts are usually flowers, teddy bear, chocolates and balloons to deliver in combination. Sender can place the order online and give details. Mix of 2 or more products make it a more attractive gift and give value more money. Most common combo is of 12 red roses teddy and chocolates box at the price less than AED 260/-. We, as the flower shop in Dubai, like to add value to the lives of those who seek our help in this service. A cake with the message “Happy Birthday” would be a very good combination along with bouquet of mix flowers. Similarly, a balloon with “Get Well Soon” message will be a match to flowers for a sick person.

Birthday Combo Gifts Collections.

Looking for the perfect birthday gift? Our Birthday Combo Gifts Collections are here to make your loved one's day extra special. With a variety of unique and thoughtful gift combinations, you can find something that suits their personality and preferences. From delicious chocolates paired with fragrant flowers to personalized mugs filled with their favorite treats, our collections offer a wide range of options to choose from. Make their birthday unforgettable with our Birthday Combo Gifts Collection!

Birthday Cards and Flowers

In addition to our Birthday Combo Gifts Collection, we also offer a selection of beautiful birthday cards and fresh flowers. These elegant and heartfelt additions can be the perfect way to express your love and well wishes on their special day. Choose from a variety of stunning bouquets and personalized cards to create a truly memorable birthday surprise.