Mixed Flowers

Mix flower bouquet offers bright color, more number of blooms, and attractive appearance. It is suitable for any age, any gender and any occasion. Such a bouquet gives opportunity to change the flavor, change colors and size as per requirement. When many people join together for an occasion it gives happiness to each member. Same way, a mix flower bouquet makes a warm feeling and brings new energy. While ordering flowers for someone, consider the personal liking of his or her color and also the reason behind sending flowers. This shop provides free delivery of bouquets at price starting from AED 100/- anywhere in Dubai and Sharjah from 10AM to 6PM.

Elegance of a mix flower bouquet depends upon the type of flowers in it. Wrapping and decoration is another factor that changes the whole appearance. Status of blooms, bud or full open or partly open also decides it size and style. Fillers like leaves or gypsophilia also contributes to the size and beauty of a bouquet. Another important factor is the way in which they are presented, facing or straight. Big blooms with the support of smaller flowers can make the best combination in a bouquet. Same as people gathering for an occasion wear suitable dress, a bouquet should also match the purpose.