Return And Refund

Payment Refund

Refund will be available only on below mentioned 2 situations:
a) Ordered item is not delivered on the date specified in the order form
b) Flowers delivered is entirely different from the item ordered online.

Complaint on quality or quantity if any should be made within 12 hours of actual delivery time to our email: No complaint will be accepted or replied after 12 hours of flower delivery.

"Refunds will be done only through the Original Mode of Payment".

Payment process and review time: 

Our payment gateway, Telr and Paypal informs the users that, transaction will be reviewed within 24 hours. But usually the review takes place and transaction gets approved within a few minutes unless they find out some discrepancy.

Items Availability: 

Roses, Lilies, Carnations, etc are available on all days. But when you place an order online for special flowers delivery, on same day, it is better to check the availability (Tulips, Calla Lilies etc flowers) may not be available on all the days.

Address and contact Numbers: 

To send flowers in Dubai, successfully on specified date and time range, sender need to provide the correct address and telephone number of the recipient. Even if the address is incomplete telephone number or mobile number is a must. If the address is not complete and the recipient does not answer the phone, we inform the person of make the order online for flower delivery in Dubai. If the address is not clear or is incomplete, we usually send a text message to the recipient saying there is a courier thus request to provide full address.

Availability of Recipient: 

Sometimes it happens, especially in flower delivery to a residence address in Dubai, that the recipient is not available at home when our representative reaches the given address. We call and ask the recipient, about what is to be done in this situation. Or if the sender is from UAE, we call and check his/her opinion about keeping the flower arrangement with reception of the building or at door step.

Receipt from Recipient: 

We do not take signature of the recipient on delivery of flowers. We ask the name and confirm that the recipient address is correct and person receiving it is same as given as the name given in the order form. In case if the same person is not available at the time of delivery, we give the item to the authorized person, or call the recipient or sender to ask for instructions.

To Follow the instructions: 

If the sender of flowers has given some special instructions about the item, time of flower delivery Dubai or about calling the recipient, we follow the instructions and do accordingly. Sender has to use the section provided in the order form to put down these instruction or need to send a separate email on this matter.

Image of the product: 

Image of the products are given in website with description to understand the type of flowers, style of arrangement and the composition. There may be some difference between the image and the actual arrangement delivered depending upon the flowers, fillers and accessories available on a given day. We make sure that type of flowers and style of arrangement is being followed. We do not promise to provide picture of the item after preparing the arrangement, as there are practical difficulties.

Additional Items: Extra items to be added while ordering for flowers to Dubai, from the order form. Price of extra items will be added automatically to the main item selected and thus payment will be for the total number of gift items selected.

Changes in Item: 

If any changes required in a given item in website, customer can send an email to explain the changes. Increase in number of flowers or increase in size of the arrangement would be subjected to increase in price. We will inform the difference in prices for confirmation of recipient. Order will be confirmed only after receiving full payment as per the altered description.


Any dispute about the product, service or website contents need to be discussed with the management by sending email to Claim for refund or replacement should be made within 12 hours of actual delivery. No claim will be entertained after 12 hours considering the nature of product.

A buyer is assumed to have read and understood the terms and conditions described in this page.

Cancellation Policy

Timeframe for Cancellations: The policy may outline the specific timeframe within which customers can cancel their orders. For example, customers may be allowed to cancel their orders within 24 hours of placing the order or before a specified cutoff time before the scheduled delivery date.

Cancellation Process: The policy may specify the process that customers need to follow to cancel their orders. This may include contacting the flower shop directly via phone or email and providing order details for verification. The cancellation policy of a flower delivery service may cover various situations in which customers may request to cancel their orders. Here are some common situations that may be addressed:  

    1. Order Changes: Customers may be allowed to cancel their orders if they need to make changes to the delivery date, recipient information, or the arrangement itself. This could include modifying the card message, adding or removing items, or adjusting the delivery address.

    2. Change of Mind: Customers may have the option to cancel their orders if they change their mind about the purchase or decide not to proceed with the delivery. This could apply to situations where the customer realizes they no longer need the flowers or has found an alternative gift.

    3. Delivery Issues: If there are unforeseen circumstances or issues that affect the delivery, such as incorrect or incomplete address information, the customer may be able to cancel the order. This allows them to address the problem and potentially reschedule the delivery.

    4. Product Unavailability: If the requested flowers or gift items are unavailable due to seasonal or stock limitations, the customer may be given the option to cancel the order or choose a suitable alternative. This ensures that customers are not charged for items that cannot be delivered as requested.

    5. Special Circumstances: The cancellation policy may include provisions for special circumstances, such as emergencies, natural disasters, or other events that make it impossible or impractical to proceed with the delivery. In such cases, customers may be allowed to cancel the order without penalty.