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Convey your Wishes with a Red Roses Bouquet, Teddy & Chocolates

Celebrate life by living completely today. Find the fragrance, beauty, and sweetness that life offers in giving and taking. In the same fashion, 12 red roses bouquet teddy chocolate combination makes a perfect gift for a companion in life's journey. A reservoir of peace and unimpeded happiness is within all of us. But often it is during these celebrations like birthdays that we find real enjoyment. order online to make the door delivery without any additional charges. In conclusion convey your thoughts and feelings by sending this sweet combo gift to doorstep in total surprise.

Order Roses Teddy & Chocolates Easy | Budget Gifts

We deliver everything needed for an intimate romantic surprise. A dozen crimson red roses release a heady perfume, decadent and alluring. Nestled beside, a soft teddy bear clasps a box of rich chocolate truffles. Give this sensuous gift to your husband or wife to mark anniversaries, Valentine's Day or any time you wish to stoke the flames of passion. The roses convey desire and courage. The teddy bear hugs represent comfort and trust. And the chocolates are for sweetness and pleasure. Together, they create a sexy package expressing your admiration and appreciation for your shared life together. Your beloved will feel adored.

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