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Product Specifications
6 red roses in a glass vase with a box of Ferrero Rocher 200 gms is for those who wish to send less number of flowers very often. Ribbon bow is tied to the vase to make it even more attractive. Specialty is that paying less each time this online service can be used more often a year and thus more the happiness. Soothing six is ready with Dubai florist all days for free delivery.

A Simple Gift of Red Roses in Vase and Chocolates for the Best Friend 

6 red roses chocolates make a simple but impressive gift especially on birthday. It may be quite unexpected that someone receives a box of Ferrero Rocher and a few roses in a vase through a flower shop in Dubai. This small but sweet surprise would bring in great impact. It will make the recipient feel loved on a special day of her life. Sender takes the freedom to tell what is in his mind by sending roses and chocolates through a responsible florist.

By selecting this chocolate box as an accompaniment, it stands for sweet expression of words. The sender needs to be appreciated for his great deed of giving, same as the flowers need to be for its beauty. Still alive when receiving the flowers, roses will surprise at the cuteness of the young woman holding them. Both are equally charming and innocent. One who knows how to recognize the beauty may use 6 red roses chocolates to express the desire for it.

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