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Product Specifications
  • 3 Red Roses in Vase
  • Patchi Chocolates Box 250 gms
  • Free delivery from 10am to 6PM

Roses in Vase and Chocolate Combo 

Combination of 3 red roses Patchi chocolates can carry your message of appreciation and love to someone. Selecting the least expensive yet highly influencing is not always an easy task except with an online flower shop. Something to please the senses as well as mind at the same time is possible only when you combine flowers with chocolates. Therefore, this gift is one of the best choices for birthday or anniversary presents. Similarly, many people consider 3 red roses as the best medium to say “I Love You”. Thus, this combo also means “You are the best and so sweet”. It is true that you always gain by giving love through some form. By this, real love awakens the soul and fills the giver with a meaning for life. Same as those who sing find the best song, lovers find meaningful gifts to share and enjoy.  We are here to deliver such a gift anywhere in Dubai or Sharjah.

Every girl is in need of a best friend to share her story and to stay happy. This is one present that helps to fall in love with her and also live in love. Treat her the way she deserves and we are here to follow your instructions. Therefore, send her a small gift of 3 roses Patchi chocolates today. It is available for door delivery every day. Those who do not value things, but give importance to life itself, make it simple when they give birthday gifts. So, when you search for the best way to say “you are the most beautiful person I keep in my heart”, consider this flowers choclate combo offered online.


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