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Product Specifications
12 red roses are made in to a hand bouquet with suitable wrapping and ribbon bow. A box of 200 gm Ferrero Rocher chocolates is added to the flowers to make the package better and sweeter. Both the items are delivered together with no extra charges associated with it. Pay either in cash or by credit card just for the gifts. Message goes printed on a greeting card that is complimentary with this combo gift.

red roses bouquet with chocolatesSweet Temptation of Red Roses Bouquet with Chocolates

Red roses are meaningful for reminding that special someone of the romance and passion that you share. This handy bunch of 12 red roses goes with a delicious pack of FERRERO ROCHER chocolates. What is a better and sweeter way to celebrate your everlasting love? Conveniently order online this classic gift of flowers and chocolates for someone very special. The world with no border, where a flower shop in Dubai is just like a neighborhood store. Thus, select and send a hand bouquet of red roses bouquet with chocolates easily. As a result, the resistible sweet temptation to meet someone sometimes is pacified with such gifts. Entire globe becomes a small family to reach so fast and ensure delivery on the same day within a few hours of placing an order.

Nothing says "you're special" quite like a bouquet paired with a sweet treat. Combining red roses with chocolate creates an indulgent gift that is sure to delight. Red roses signify passion and deep caring, while chocolate stimulates feelings of pleasure. Together, they convey meaningful sentiment in a tempting package. This thoughtful pairing shows that the recipient is truly valued and thought of fondly. The gift is suitable for sharing appreciation across different types of relationships. For romantic partners, it expresses adoration and affection. As a self-treat or for friends, it spreads cheer. Even amidst busy routines, this small token allows moments to connect and spread smiles. The single-stemmed roses and artfully wrapped chocolates are arranged together in a crisp cellophane wrapping, making for a presentation that is both elegant and enticing.

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