AED 500.00
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    Personal Attention to Details
Product Specifications

At the price of AED 500/- you get a big basket of fresh flowers in red and white.

It consists of:

  1. Oriental lilies white 25 blooms ( ie approximately 10 stems)
  2. Red roses + White roses = 35
  3. Gypsophila fillers
  4. Basket
  5. Leaves that are suitable to complete it
  6. Free delivery anywhere in Dubai/ Sharjah/ Ajman

Send a Big Flower Basket as Gift on any Occasion

Art of love desired by everyone as the basis of every relationship in this world. It is the art of managing the present situation without worrying about the future, profit or loss. Giving the way the other person needs is the key to this art. Often we treat other people the way we want and there is no real love in that. See how the other party wants to care or consider and try to match the actions accordingly. As a result, sending a big flower basket to Dubai is one of the best ways of expressing love . It does not expect anything from the recipient except the smile on her face. That smile reflects the acceptance of the other person.

Enjoy the Art of Love and Peace in Relations

There would be compromises on freedom in love, as we are sharing our time, resources and results with the other person. When you spend AED500/- to send a big flower basket it is really a good attempt to find out and do what really matters to her. It is a selfless act that is presented here as Art of Love. good relationships happen by being equally responsible. When words and deeds are of responsibility and good intention peace grows between two people. Both the souls rejoice in the company of each other, filling the cup of both. Life, for them, like a mountain stream will flow with ease and make others around them rejoice.

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