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    Personal Attention to Details
Product Specifications
  • Tulips White – 10 (Subject to availability)
  • Iris Blue (Or Blue Statis) – 10 (Subject to availability)
  • Yellow Roses – 10
  • Solid Aster – 10
  • Wrapped with off white tissue and inserted in glass vase
  • Free delivery in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman
  • (Note: This product is not for same day delivery. Order at least one day in advance. Please ask us before making an order online

Flowers for Baby Boy

When a baby boy is born, all your emotions may mix up. Sure, you will walk over the moon at the prospect of having to handle this naughty bundle. But you will also be a bit worrying of the prospect of parenthood and the responsibility it brings. This bouquet of Iris and tulips, as a baby boy gift goes a long way. It will perfectly describe the complex emotions at the moment. Bright premium yellow roses intermingle with vibrant blue Iris, white tulips, roses, and solid aster to show off that only diversity makes life so beautiful, just like this array of flowers. Send this beautiful bouquet in vase to the happy mother and express your support to her for the challenges ahead.

With a perfect mix of yellow and white, these beauties capture the unique happiness of a new baby. They add an extra piece of merriment to the lasting joy of that family. Being wonderful on their own makes them an ideal easy bloom for cherishing that special day. Bring the real contentment to their moment with the help of this iris, tulips and roses arrangement. Buy these newborn baby flowers more simply in Dubai, by taking advantage of free and quick delivery given by your local florist. Place your order today to get fresh flowers with prompt customer service and assistance.

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