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Product Specifications
Choose this pretty small gift of 12 luscious red roses set on a short stylish glass vase and gift it to someone whose impeccable sense of perfection and style has captivated you and won you over for life. Get free delivery of this short vase arrangement along with a greeting card to print the message.

12 Red Roses in Short Vase

A small pretty gift of 12 red roses in short vases is hand-delivered in pristine condition. It will surely leave the recipient blushing for getting all this attention from you and understanding her taste perfectly. When it is time to deal with feelings and bring some control over a relationship this small pretty gift would be of great help. Sometimes it may be taken as a responsibility to send a beautiful gift to make someone happy. Often it is more than compulsive care. It is the joy of giving that makes a person buy and send flowers to the other one in the relationship. With this in mind, order and deliver 12 red roses short vase through

3 parties involved in this process of sending flowers


There are 3 parties involved in this process of sending small pretty of 12 red roses vase . As a result, all of them are actively involved and enjoy giving and taking. They are:
1) Sender, the one who buys the flowers online to get it delivered in Dubai
2) The receiver, the person to whom it is addressed
3) Company or the local shop that supports the sender to choose the right one.


Add delivery details and make payment. Responsibility is complete with the supplier to make it, ensure that it looks as pretty as in the picture, find out the address and reach the recipient. In a word, it is the right of the sender to get exactly what he is expecting out of this service.

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