Respectful Treat


AED : 220

Note: Inquire before making an order for purple and white orchids in a vase through mail or call, as it may not be available every day.

This arrangement include:

  • 20 stems of fresh Purple & White Orchids in a square vase.
  • Facing arrangement of orchids in UAE style.
  • Free message card with flowers for shipment in any location in Dubai.

Respectful Treat for flower delivery in Dubai includes 20 purple and white orchids set on short vases. This is an ideal gift on birthday or anniversary to a lady and thus convey respect and love. Speak truth from the bottom of your heart through lovely flowers and sweet words. Respect for her shows the character of the sender through this kind deed. With the natural and royal elegance orchids express admiration and respect to persons of any gender.

It is a transparent and truthful way of communicating to someone of great importance in your life. Vibes of love and compassion will surely move the person. She may not be expecting such a beautiful gift and thus it turns out to be a good surprise. Same as two persons meet face to face and discuss, this present can convey feelings with perfection. How can she resist the temptation to appreciate and thus accept these gorgeous purple orchids? Receive more happiness by sending flowers like 20 purple and white orchids to the dearest and nearest.


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