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Product Specifications

Bouquet of 24 roses

Order this Red and White Roses Bouquet with lovely fresh blooms. Get real red white roses to deliver on any occasion in Dubai and Sharjah without extra charges. You can call and enquire to change the color of the arrangement as a customized flower bouquet for your loved ones who live in Dubai.


Winsome Blooms Capture Hearts

Some have a blessed life, not only with money and things but peace of mind in abundance. But on the other hand, there are many suffering from losses of some kinds. When we see the bad state of others' physical or mental status, it reminds us how lucky we are. We feel sympathy for those less lucky. But is that enough? A proactive deed expressing our feelings or a small token of our kindness can make a lot of difference. One of the ways to do that is sending flowers like “red white roses bouquet” on any occasion. Benefits are not just short-term, but they give hidden benefits to both the parties at the cost of a few minutes and a few Dirhams.

Red white roses bouquet

When someone sincerely hopes that the other person also may come up in life, it will surely be an inspiration. The benefits of a positive reaction is to the giver as well as the receiver. Away from their home country, someone in Dubai may be struggling to get assistance in some matters. A sign of friendship, an offer of help can spiritually uplift the moods for sure. red white roses bouquet in Winsome Blooms stands for love and peace of mind. Share it with those who deserve it and take the extra benefits of building bonds. Thus, take it as one of the best gifts to say thanks or express love.

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