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12 light pink roses are made in to hand bouquet. A nice pink wrapping, greeting card with message, and free delivery in Dubai are in addition to the quality products and service from the top florists in Dubai.


Pink Roses - Inner Ecstasy through a Peaceful Medium

A dozen pink roses beautifully tied together in a stylish bouquet make the perfect gift for the lady in your life. Be it your partner, mother or daughter this 12-pink roses bouquet will hold them in awe. They are beautifully mixed with white and green fillers which make this gift all the more beautiful. Our free delivery offer is aimed to add to the joy of gifting on any occasion. The first thing to remember, the graceful flowers will go a long way in complementing the lady you hold so special in your life in a manner no other gift can by all means.

How to thank some people is always a dilemma. In other words, there is a limitation of words to express gratitude and empathy. It might have given rise to the thought of sending this 12 pink roses bouquet to that gorgeous lady. In effect, it speaks the language of the soul and looks forward to an everlasting truthful relationship. We will be your representative to deliver this hand bouquet of Think Twelve pink flowers in Dubai even if two are at two ends of the great polarity in this world. In the swing of emotions let the love survive to live forever and be thankful in advance. Here, an inner ecstasy is easily conveyed through the peaceful medium of giving a share of what you already have.

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