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Product Specifications
  • 101 Pink & White Roses Bouquet
  • Suitable Off White Wrapping and Ribbon Bow
  • Free Delivery in Dubai and Sharjah (10AM to 6PM)

A prosperous life is everyone's dream and this is what we wish to the people close to us. Bouquet of 101 pink white roses helps us to convey the greetings of good luck. This big bouquet of roses stands for material as well as spiritual abundance.

Just imagine the surprise and joy the receiver will get when they get this lovely pink and white bunch of roses. While the bouquet will leave a lasting impress on the recipient, it will brighten up their mood each day with its beauty and presence. The pink-white roses are not only visually appealing, they carry a soothing fragrance. We use fresh roses so that the bouquet lasts longer. It needs minimal maintenance. Transfer the bunch in a vase with little water in it. Don’t leave it near the window or under the fan. It will wither quicker, if done so.  Order online and trust us for timely delivery of this bouquet anywhere in Dubai or Sharjah, U.A.E.

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