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Product Specifications
  • 30 white Dendrobium Orchids on Short Vase
  • Ribbon bow  and greeting card is added with free delivery anywhere in Dubai, Sharjah
  • Total height is about 50 CM only with matching width.

Ask for Pearls of Life and Get 20 White Orchids

Life gives many surprises, positive as well as negative. What comes as a blessing are often like Pearls of Life. It is rich, beautiful, pure and natural. 30 white orchids make a splendid present that can make anyone cheerful by receiving it in total surprise. Without any other decoration or added fillers it makes an impressive appearance.

When you have someone to care about, or something that really inspires, life turns interesting. It starts finding pearls of joy by exploring the ocean of life. Add more happiness to someone else by gifting a bouquet like 20 white orchids. Feel the difference between the empty, selfish life and the abundantly rich experience of living in companion with other human beings. Thus, express your care and love through flower delivery on special occasions. What you need to do is just make an order online and we will take care of the rest.

Life and its clock are moving in speed for all of us, but what it generates depends on our choice. For some it gives only sorrows and for some others it is really exciting and joyful. Many of us just remain on the surface whereas a few dive and search for pearls of life hidden inside. Therefore, send these 20 white orchids to someone and see tomorrow morning that more of the same have come back praising the giver.

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