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Product Specifications
  • White roses arranged as a hand bouquet
  • Free delivery anywhere in Dubai on online orders.
  • Fresh flowers arrangement as gift with simple design.

My Pleasure - White Roses Hand Bouquet

12 white roses make a truthful way to communicate and accept the mistakes. We experience happiness at any situation by the width and depth of our acceptance. We are able to accept any such situation again by the quality of understanding of ourselves and others. However, a meaningful life may be different for each person. Life is not always fair and reasonable, but we need to manage it to have peace of mind. Flowers are the wonderful creations of nature that we can use to communicate and thus convey these emotions. Thus,12 white roses with a proper presentation is one of the best ways to say sorry or to congratulate someone.

Pleasure and pain are intermittent phenomena of life where flowers have a role at both. Mostly, the result of any work or relationship is not in our hands. However, we need to try our best and trust our actions. Instances of gratitude and admiration are positive outcomes. Find out possibilities for better relations, fruitful associations and rewarding initiatives. On all these occasions, this flower bouquet is a simple gift that can make bigger impacts. Remember always that grattitude is better expressed with flowers than by just word of mouth, as it includes a noble action.

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