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Product Specifications
  • Pink roses – 8 numbers
  • White Oriental lilies – 3 stems with multiple blooms
  • Pink Chrysanthemum and fillers
  • Square Vase
  • Free delivery on all working days anywhere in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman

Pink white flowers vase

This product of pink white flowers vase will help you take such a thoughtful action. We act with love and compassion and it expresses in a glorious way. When you need flower delivery Dubai for a lady, just consider this option of Mindful Choice. Our current actions determine the quality of our future, especially in our social life. This act of sending Mindful Choice gifts to someone helps bring out the grandeur of life in a simple manner. It can take out the negative emotions and fill the ever talkative mind with love and compassion. When we learn to live mindful we realize that many of the thoughts are just empty or wasteful. We need not allow these thoughts to create problems for us. But it may be better we replace them with mindful actions, as it may be difficult to remove them.

MINDFUL-CHOICE is a beautifully crafted bouquet designed to lift someone's spirits and remind them they are cared for during challenging times. Eight elegant pink roses mingle with three refreshing white oriental lilies in a square vase. Soft pink chrysanthemums and filler flowers complete this soothing arrangement. Give this gift to a friend struggling with loss, illness, or life changes to show your compassion. The pale pink hues and oriental lilies represent gentle hope. Your loved one will feel comforted unraveling each sublime blossom and know you are thinking of their well being. This meditative arrangement declares they are not alone.

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