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    Free Delivery
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    Most Reliable Local Flower Shop Online
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    Satisfaction Guaranteed
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    Personal Attention to Details
Product Specifications
  • 20 yellow roses and 3 white lilies artfully arranged in a  square glass vase
  • Free delivery in Dubai and Ajman as same day or by next day
  • Printed card is free with the flower arrangement
  • Genuine inquiry before an order will allow you to change the color of flowers in the arrangement

Order Online to Send Lighthearted Message

Yellow roses lilies on short vases make a beautiful gift, especially for a man. It says with a light heart that "your dreams will come true". Same as a small spark may lead to a big fire, this minute effort can ignite great enthusiasm. This flower arrangement stands for faith and hope to work together towards success. When you keep making efforts, something or the other will surely work. These yellow flowers help to relieve stress and strain at the workplace with its strong color of a positive attitude.

Love of nature and its creations add a new meaning to our life. It helps us forget the miseries and long for something beautiful. When someone in another country wants to send yellow roses lilies, the bouquet best and easiest way opens up. Here there is no uncertainty or indefinite waiting to get flowers delivery in Dubai. All they need to do is just order online by trusting the shop with years of experience. One may understand teh role of flowers in health and realtionship only when he experiences either sending or receiving at least once.

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