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Product Specifications

A basket of double-tone 20 pink roses makes the perfect gift to be sent for a formal occasion or a highly glamorous event. Rich plump roses are set in a bed of green leaves to create a highly dramatic effect that complements the mood created by such high-profile events.


Double Tone 20 Pink Roses are Tiny Baby Breath Flowers

Tiny baby breath flowers contrast the delicate pink roses and beautifully accentuate the arrangement. Your recipient will surprise when real fresh double tone beautiful 20 pink roses flowers are delivered to them. As a result, their convenience and satisfaction will be the best complement to your excellent choice forever. Select your own way to encourage yourself to stay happy, with or without saying "you are so precious to me". Respect your sentiments, your emotions will be a wonderful treat to loving someone. Make your wishes and messages truthful and meaningful with double tone 20 pink rose.

Being happy and making others happy is a positive approach of spreading good vibrations. Help others in removing all the negativities and bring back peace and harmony in life. Giving mental strength at difficult situations can done in the most ideal way by sending natural gifts. Flowers have the ability to remove stress from life and make everyday peaceful. This basket of 20 pink roses will express the feelings and make them believe everything will be back to normal. Send these flowers to your dear ones to remind them to enjoy every moment in life and build confidence in them to face all circumstances. If you are staying far away from them order these flowers online from our website.