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Product Specifications

Free Delivery of 12 Mix Roses in 3 Colors –

  • 60 to 70 CM Height
  • Orange, White, and Yellow combined together
  • Gypsophila and green leaves are added to make a bright hand bouquet.
  • Off-white wrapping, ribbon bow, message card and delivery are all included in the mentioned price.

Give Respect through a Bright Mix Color Bouquet

Quiet often, we think of giving some memorable gift to our teacher, associate or friend. Any other material object may have a price tag and may not be important to the person who receives it. Here comes an idea of a bright mix color bouquet of roses with light wrapping offering free delivery. It will surely be appreciated by the person. When no other thing is found suitable, the final choice can be a flower bouquet with orange, yellow and white roses. Without expecting anything, someone may get blessings all of a sudden. But, there may surely be an act of respect prior to that. And it is from this good deed that sincere blessings originate and start flowing at a later stage. So, when there is a reason to say "thank you" or say "sorry", do that in the most appropriate way by sending flowers with a message.

Mix color bouquet of 12 yellow, orange and white roses with off-white wrapping is a way of giving respect. It is the act of respect that is far superior to show of the same. It may not mean anything much to you than sending a gift online, but it may mean everything to the person who receives the same. Without such expressions life is boring and therefore such abundance of flowers are available to us. Make use of them to build trust and do real care. Entrust us with flowers delivery to Dubai or Sharjah and we promise to do it well. How we treat others shows how we value their feelings. Therefore, if you want to get it, you need to give it first is the principle of growing good relations. Sometimes, the most powerful thing that you can do is nothing but sending a small flower bouquet.

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