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Product Specifications
  • 24 Mix Color Roses Bouquet – Red, Pink and White
  • Vanilla Cake – Half Kg
  • Free Delivery from 10 AM to 6PM
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Send 24 Roses Bouquet and Vanilla Cake as a Gift

Dazzling Duo consists of roses and cake, the best combination anyone would love to choose as a birthday present. Through this gift there is a great possibility to add value to any relationship. 24 mix roses represent all the joy and sweetness of a loving kindness. Make it a memorable day by sending something that is beyond price tag. This gift is to remind that whatever happiness or sorrow is only for a short period and not for ever. Just like flowers that wither soon or cake that get spoiled soon, life is also short. So, keep enjoying the fragrance and sweetness of the present moment. Our service of same day flower delivery in Dubai is available on this combo gift.

Imagine the happiness of the recipient when they are surprised with a bunch of roses and cake! They will truly feel like on top of the world. Cheer up someone you love with this special rose and cake combo. The bouquet consists of fresh blooms of red, white and pink roses with real leaves as fillers. It is packaged carefully with wrapper and ribbons. The cake that goes with the bouquet is simply fresh, delicious and good as it looks. Guaranteed that the quality and appearance will be maintained till the roses and cake reach its recipient!

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