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    Personal Attention to Details
Product Specifications
  • White Roses x  10 numbers
  • White Oriental Lilies x 9 blooms (3 stems)
  • White Spray Roses / White chrysanthemum x 5 stems with multiple blooms
  • Free Delivery in Dubai and Sharjah

White flower box holding a perfect bunch of lilies and roses with suitable fillers, is an excellent gift. If chocolates and fruits look stunning in a box why not flowers? Designer takes extra care to arrange flowers in such a way that it stays fresh for a few days. It can be one of the best options to express best wishes to sympathy in a mild tone. On a wedding occasion white flower box can be a perfect present for the bride groom.

White flowers signify peace and positivity. Whether you are gifting them as a bouquet or using them for decoration purposes, white flowers are truly mesmerizing visually. Our ‘Whimsical White Box’ is a stunning piece that can light up anyone’s face or living space. Apart from being an elegant visual treat, it will give a complete value to your investment. At Dubai Flower Delivery, we have the ‘same day delivery’ option, where you can place the order and get the floral box delivered to your desired person within a few hours, anywhere to their location in Dubai and Sharjah. Just order it and spread love!

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