AED 325.00
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    Personal Attention to Details
Product Specifications
  • 12 red roses hand bouquet with suitable wrapping,
  • Lindt chocolate box 200 gms,
  • Teddy bear 36 cm,
  • Balloon – Micro foil with helium
  • Greeting card with given message printed inside
    All these at U.S.D 78/- including delivery

Send a Birthday Gift Pack to a Best Friend

Birth day Gift Pack from D.F.D Express consists of roses, teddy, chocolates, and micro foil balloons with helium. After all, this special birthday package is always available on regular days for delivery at the same price of AED325/-. It surely is a unique way of sending surprise delivery wishes to your best friend working in Dubai. Gift on birthday is a social symbol of good relationships. That is the reason, many people like to send birthday gift packs in preference to anything else. Thoughtful presents contribute to the love and harmony within family as well as in social circles. This COMBO GIFT falls within the price AED250-300 and thus one of the best economy solutions.

Show Care and Attention Giving Flowers

Birthday gift packs are one of the best ways to express care and attention on a special day of your wife or daughter. We always and everywhere see people who don't really care. We can also see very good people who value what we do for them. What do we really achieve by being caring and loving? As long as you are not doing it expecting something, there will be great contentment. It is not the receiver who pays back, but the universe. Beneficiary may or may not appreciate or acknowledge. Never mind, be stronger and better, and go on giving the best. Thus, recognize the best florist by reading reviews and making a call and use them often.

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