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Product Specifications

Reassuring – I am with you. Deeper reality of inner peace is conveyed by 20 white tulips in a glass vase at AED275/-. Get free delivery from 10AM to 6PM.


  • White tulips x20
  • Total Height- 35 CM- 40CM

Special & Lovable White Tulips

Send 20 white tulips in a vase as a beautiful gift and make the recipient happy. We can deliver these special flowers to express what is there in your mind. It will also make you feel good and do the same to one who receives it. You are now at a place of peace and serenity by giving something without expecting anything in return. These tulips may wither in a few days of delivery, though it is in water. But these flowers bring in the spiritual beauty of kindness and memories remain pure for a long time. Those who appreciate beautiful things or experience may like to deliver tulip flowers to their dear and near living in Dubai.

Tulips are a universal symbol of perfect love, but you may also know that there is a different meaning for each tulip colour. Nothing can bring a ray of optimism and enthusiasm than these peaceful white tulips arrangements. And also, it is a thoughtful approach to get your loved ones back into happiness, if they are suffering from any stress or anxiety. They will feel calm and pleased as a result of the natural and wonderful presentation of these blooms. So, use this appealing arrangement to brighten their day while also reminding them that you are always there for them. Recognition that you do not belong to this world removes the boundaries and brings down eternal harmony from heavens. Let us celebrate with these kinds of gifts, sharing happiness.

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