Mix Flowers Basket – 4 Colors

AED : 250

A perfect mix of 4 or 5 different color flowers in to a basket makes a synergy that speaks in silence with the recipient in Dubai. It makes the day bright and helps to start with a positive outlook. Cost A.E.D 250/- includes delivery and greeting card on all 7 days a week.

Mix Flowers Basket in 4 Colors

The vibrant mix flowers basket and exotic leaves creates an impression of style and panache. As a result, that will leave your recipient in awe and admiration of your extremely rich taste in all things beautiful. Any help to send this bright basket by online order is available all 7 days a week. Seasonal flowers in different colors give a treat for eyes and mind on any occasion.

Mix flowers basket is the better choice when it works as corporate gift, or given to someone in formal relationship. It looks colorful, fresh and completely natural with an ability to influence the mind in it's own soft way. Communicate something important not through just a a note but with something that will be genuinely appreciated.

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