Stand Beautiful – Flowers in 4 Feet

AED : 448

Mix flowers like, lilies, roses, chrysanthemum, orchids, anthurium are arranged as a 4 feet stand in traditional style. With broad base and tall, impressive appearance this one would really make an influence.

Beautiful Flowers Stand in 4 Feet 

Let us celebrate life that is being given on this earth. It lasts a few years in this colorful world. Good and bad, pleasures and pains, love and hate are all part of life situations. Here we have recreated a beautiful stand of real life that is tall enough to impress someone. We help to send these tall flowers standing 4 feet to the dearest person living in Dubai. Cost is only A.E.D 450/- including all delivery charges when ordered online.

  • First layer (inside the basket), which is the broad portion we use pink roses, chrysanthemum (daisies) in white, oriental lilies, orchids, anthurium, green chrysanthemum flowers with  Song of Jamaica and other ferns. Ribbon bow is added to the basket to make it look like an impressive gift.
  • The Second Layer consists of 9 pink roses and white orchids on both the sides. This is being fixed on a watered sponge to last longer in freshness. Leaves are fixed on the back side to give a natural look.
  • Third Level or the topmost level has only red roses about 8 numbers, short stemmed and surrounded by gypsophila fillers. Top level flowers are also inserted on watered sponge to keep them fresh.

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