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Same Day Delivery

Need Same Flowers Delivery in Dubai?

Are you looking for same day flowers delivery to an office or residence in Dubai? Do you need a quick service today within few hours? You are at the right place and will surely get what you are looking for. You may be another county like US, UK, Germany, South Africa, Russia, India, Philippines or any other place in the world. But, we will carry out the order and delivery on your behalf.

Trust and you get on Same Day:

Believe for the first time that you will get the quality service you are looking. We will deliver flowers along with the message and additional gifts, if any on the same day of the order. Next time you will feel more easy and comfortable as our customer with all the liberty to ask for a same day flowers delivery in Dubai. Timings: 09 AM-9 PM. Cut-off-time for same day order: 5 pm.

Get Delivery Within few hours:

Yes, it is possible to deliver flowers within 3-4 hours in almost all cases, anywhere in Dubai and Sharjah. If you are really busy or find any other difficulty to reach within few hours, we will inform you immediately and extend timing little more. Please note that same day service is not be available on valentine day.

Fresh Flowers for the Day:

Fresh flower arrangement, as per the order, makes sure that it reaches the recipient straight from the shop. Our florist arrange flowers in perfect blend with green leaves and other fillers just before leaving from our own shop. Fresh flowers from many countries arrive every day morning at the whole sale point. Thus, we do not take a chance to allow them stay for many days and get older and loose the freshness.

100 Percent Sure for Today:

Question arises always - Can you guarantee same day flowers delivery in Dubai? We are 100% sure on this promise. We make sure that it happens as per commitment to the customer. It is the word of mouth publicity and good opinion that gives repeat and reference business to this flower shop.

Distance not a Difficulty:

Some addresses may be about 40 to 50 kilometers away from our shop but we make sure that the customer is served directly by us. This shop do not take the risk of passing on the order to a nearby florist. A few hours spent on a special request make a customer for ever and we enjoy serving in our own special unique ways. Same day flowers delivery to Dubai, in difficult areas may consume a lot of time. But, we know that everyone ordering online need quality products and quality service.

Order Online for Same Day Delivery

Order form for a same day delivery is simple and requires only the essential information. Customer can make use of credit card or options for convenience of completing the entire transaction within minutes, without any difficulty. As the shop receive the order and payment, directly at shop, same time there is no need to call for follow up. In case if you need to contact us for any special instructions or other help, feel free to do so.

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