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Product Specifications
  • 13 Roses in 4 Different Colors (Red, Pink, White, Yellow)
  • Free delivery from 10Am to 6PM

Being grateful for receiving something makes someone smile and that in turn leads to giving more. What a beautiful cycle of giving and taking! Tender Touch, a bouquet of roses is one of the mediums for such a noble transaction. It is great to live with compassion and gratitude as it makes us flow with the river of life. But, there needs to be something to express this too right? So, order online for some flowers and arrange its delivery to someone you wish to connect to. This develops a selfless style of living, by caring about others near and dear. Do we need a reason to celebrate? If yes, then find birthday, anniversary or any other occasion as the right day to send flowers as a gift.

It is really amazing to see how people appreciate beautiful things in their life. Truth is that those who pay attention to the present reality are able to enjoy it. Thus, a bouquet of roses can make someone feel happier, just because it takes all her attention. She forgets everything else for some time and feels great. Receiver is able to see love, appreciation, kindness and gratitude through this simple bouquet. Anyone may forget what is really going on in their life by the grace of pretty blooms. This shows the importance of remaining completely present, so that we can enjoy life to the fullest. So, why only red roses when a mix of few colors can make a brighter present? Yes, here you get 13 mix roses with simple yet elegant wrapping.

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