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Product Specifications
  • 6 Red Roses Bouquet with Off White Wrapping & Ribbon Bow (Stnadard)
  • Red Pillow with Writing – I Love You

Celebrate this life by staying young with the attitude of give and take. Even while accepting the truth of aging, we can enjoy the process. Say “I love you” by sending flowers and a red heart shaped pillow. Staying young by feeling light and taking life easy is the message with these flowers gifts. Thus, focus on most important things and learn to ignore the silly things that interrupt. Often it is not about sending a big or expensive gift, but showing a heart full of love. Therefore, this pretty small present of 6 red roses in a bouquet and pillow can effectively work.

When there is always a tendency to compare with other things and what others usually give, anyone can find that flowers are on top of the list. Why is it so much a common practice all over the world? Answer is simple; it is so much real and acceptable to all. In addition, any other gift, small or big can go along with a bouquet.  Thus, the combination of roses and pillow looks beautiful and gives a sense of fulfillment to both sender and receiver. Experience happiness by giving such gifts and keeping those precious moments in memory. An online florist in Dubai can offer best help to inspire, strengthen or encourage others by representing you. They add life to your days by ensuring quick delivery and prompt presentation.

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