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Product Specifications

Cymbidium orchids are bunched together with anthuriums and roses in a short vase. It creates a stunning display of fresh flowers to form a gift fit for the fairies.

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It consists of

  • White Cymbidium orchid long stem – 1
  • Green Anthurium Green x 3
  • White Roses x 6
  • Oriental Lilies x 1 stem
  • Square short vase with fillers

Blossoms for Effective Communication

Send across this beautiful arrangement of orchids, roses and anthuriums to a precious one. Let them feel rewarded with love and affection which will never cease to flow your way. Enjoy online flower shopping and hassle-free delivery of this product to any address in Dubai. If we are not able to express ourselves effectively, education or intelligence will be of not much use. Rather than making assumptions and imaginations, we should convey the thoughts effectively. Thus, delivering flowers is one of the best methods of effective communication. Better speak and resolve any matter than hiding or running away. Face the realities of life boldly but softly by sending flowers as gift. If the person is in Dubai, Sharjah or Ajman, let us handle the order of orchids roses anthurium through our own shop. Watch the close up vedio of the flower arrangment

You just cannot go wrong when it comes to leaving a lasting impact on your loved ones. Therefore, we are presenting the best choices for you in our online shop. These gorgeous orchids roses anthurium are arranged in such a way that their natural appeal will make positive energy on the recipient's mind. Being the unbeatable gift, choose this excellent flower vase assortment that is sure to make them happy. You can simply purchase this product from anywhere in the world and get timely delivery in Dubai, using our website.

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