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This stunning natural gift consists of two orchid plants bearing snowy blooms and seated in a suitable tabletop pot. Stems of these plants have the height of about 3 feet with flowers towards one side like the trunk of an elephant.


orchid plants 2 in 1 pot deliver a bright and cheerful message

Win over a client or send your warmest wishes to a dear colleague with this stunning presentation of orchid plants 2 in 1 pot. The twin orchid plants blooming with sweet sophistication creates a wondrous sight and complements your professional image.  The first thing to remember, it will show your sense of style. Create a favourable image at work by choosing your gifts with us. Just a few clicks as all the effort that you need to put in. You will arrive in style in the corridors of style where only a few are lucky to venture. These two blooming phalaenopsis orchid plants are beautiful. Perfectly placed in a tabletop container form the perfect gift that can be sent out on a formal occasion. Prim orchids blessed with bountiful leaves deliver a bright and cheerful message that could well signal off the starting of a new business relationship.

On what occasion do you give white orchids?

White orchids are often given as a symbol of purity, elegance, and reverence. They are commonly gifted on occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, or to express condolences during funerals. Cut flowers and orchid plants are also available for delivery in Dubai. Additionally, white orchids are also suitable for occasions that celebrate new beginnings, such as graduations or the birth of a child. They can also be given as a gesture of appreciation or to convey wishes for success and good luck in various personal or professional endeavors.

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