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Product Specifications
  • 6 Long Stem Pink Roses
  • 5 Stems of White Orchids
  • Square Vase Arrangement using Fillers

Square Vase Arrangement | Orchid & Roses

Floral presents are the ultimate indulgence for anybody celebrating a special occasion. Flowers gift delivery is one of the best ways to make their special day even more wonderful. Bring a vibrant moment to that event and make sure you delight your loved one by saying how you will always be there for them with this beautiful vase of roses and orchids. You will undoubtedly win their heart if you send your greetings with these lovely florals which have the most eye-catching appearance. So, place an order from this reliable flower store and send it anywhere in Dubai with free delivery.

Introducing our enchanting "Blushing Elegance" Square Vase Arrangement, a delightful composition of 6 long stem Pink Roses and 5 Stems of White Orchids, perfectly complemented with a variety of lush fillers. This exquisite floral masterpiece exudes sophistication, grace, and beauty, making it the ideal gift for any special occasion.

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