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Product Specifications
  • 3 Red Roses
  • 3 White Roses
  • Clear Glass Vase
  • Free Delivery Between 9 AM to 6 PM Except Fridays

The right time to think about others is when you are content, happy and in peace. Like a morning sun that evades darkness, spread the shine to someone else. This small but cute mix of red and white roses in vase does that perfectly. A flower arrangement is very much a reflection of life and its beauty, and thus the perfect gift for anyone. Show others how much they mean to you by sending flowers Dubai online along with other small gifts. This flower vase, including delivery, costs AED 140/- during the time range 10AM to 1PM. It is a promise that you make yourself to be happy and share the same with others too.

Morning sun opens the day and activities, thus ending the darkness portion of 24 hours. Similarly, a small arrangement of 6 red white roses vase makes a perfect opening of a day for someone. Send these flowers to the office desk of all the women in the office on womens day and thus encourage them. It is also apt for a personal gift to someone working in a bank or any other office in Dubai. This act of kindness and appreciation evokes the feeling of happiness better than anything else. Thus, help someone enjoy the refreshing beauty of natural roses in red and white colors. Enjoy every moment of togetherness in this short life is what this combination reminds us.

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