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Product Specifications
  • 15 Pink and Red Roses Arranged in Basket
  • Height- 35 cm, Width- 25 cm
  • Free Delivery on All Days up to 6PM

Send 15 Roses Basket Today from your Local Florist.

This stunning arrangement is without a doubt one of the most beautiful little things in the world! And these exclusive florals, which represent affection, are ideal for making any special occasion a little more fabulous and brighter. Send 15 roses basket online to present as a nice gesture. The proportions, colors, and textures of these flowers all contrast and complement one another. To make it more distinctive, our professionals have combined them with the appropriate fillers. Send 15 roses basket today from your local florist is a lovely way to communicate your emotions, and it is sure to bring a fantastic experience to your day.

What occasions are red and pink roses used for?

Red roses are commonly associated with romantic love and passion, making them a popular choice for Valentine's Day or anniversaries. On the other hand, pink roses symbolize gratitude, admiration, and joy, making them suitable for occasions like birthdays, and Mother's Day, or to express appreciation towards someone special.

Send Flowers Only, No Message is Necessary! What 90% of Senders Think!! 

Sending flowers without a message can be a thoughtful gesture to brighten someone's day or to simply show that you are thinking of them. It can also be a way to surprise and delight someone, leaving them curious about the sender's intentions.

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