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Product Specifications
  • fresh, long-stemmed yellow roses
  • Classic clear glass vase shows off the roses
  • Comes with a free greeting card to personalize your message

Fulfill a promise with 18 Yellow Roses Vase

There are many simple ways to be grateful. One of them is sending a bunch of flowers to say it silently but clearly. By taking the responsibility of maintaining harmony, people share their wishes and desires.  18 yellow roses in vase help to express the deed sentiments at the most accurate time. It may be to show sympathy or concern or wish to get well soon but flowers do their work beautifully.

It may be to keep a word or fulfill a promise or even to make a new commitment that you aim at sending 18 yellow flowers bouquet. Boost the self-esteem while elevating the moods of the other person by giving away such precious gifts often. What we do should not be changing as per the conduct of someone else. Our deeds and words should be only as it suits the situation. Help grow relationship by sending flowers like Glad Gaze to Dubai or other Emirates.

Make any occasion memorable with the gift of 18 sunshine-filled yellow roses in a stylish glass vase. This stunning arrangement is sure to brighten someone's day!

  • 18 fresh yellow roses with long, elegant stems
  • Clear glass vase compliments and displays the roses
  • Includes a free greeting card for your personal message

The vibrant yellow roses are specially selected at the peak of bloom to create an eye-catching bouquet. Arranged among the bright petals, the clear glass vase elegantly shows off the roses while keeping them fresh and hydrated. It's an impressive display that makes a thoughtful gift to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and more.

Surprise your loved one with these beautiful yellow roses to make their day extra special. The stunning arrangement and personalized card convey your sentiments in a way that truly touches the heart.

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