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Product Specifications

Hand Bouquet of 24 White Roses 

  • 24 white roses bouquet arranged with gypsophila and wrapped in offwhite.
  • Ribbon bow, and greeting card for message are included
  • Hand delivered anywhere in Dubai and Sharjah free of extra charges.

Send 24 White Roses Bouquet Out of Compassion

Anyone who loves real white roses will need no assurance of how many more days it will live. If 24 white roses bouquet can be used to manifest your compassion, make you feel better or give peace of mind it is surely doing wonders. Thus, we do not need to care about the reaction of others to your compassionate action. It is the expression of feeling at heart and thus just beyond any reasoning of mind. Same as a bouquet of white roses, this feeling of compassion is real and can never be replaced with an artificial behavior.

Is there any person in Dubai who deserves your compassion? Your act of sending a flower bouquet out of compassion may not make much difference to the recipient. But your action will surely bring a benefit to you the sender. That gives an answer to the question: what if the recipient does not really care about it? This bouquet or gift is suitable for wedding, congratulations or even for condolences.

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