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Product Specifications

Special flowers 2-level big basket

(For Women & For Men)


Cherished Farewell - Big Basket of Red White Blue Flowers Online

Cherished Farewell is a congratulation big basket of red white blue flowers, available all days at AED500/- to order online from anywhere in the world. Using these flowers you may communicate in total silence but in a deep meaningful way to the one in need of care and attention. Everyone knows, these flowers are going to wither within a few days, but today it has life in it. So it smiles and makes others happy by giving whatever it can, the beauty, fragrance and color.

Our time on this planet runs out fast and thus we need to fix our priorities. We need to keep a right perspective and maintain good relations to ensure happiness. Something like this gift which may add color and fragrance to important things in life during its short span. A little time and money for others during our busy schedule of work and business makes a big difference. So when you need online flower delivery in Dubai, this may be one of the best products that can help.

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