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Product Specifications
  • Bouquet of 17 Red Roses (60- 70 cm Height)
  • (Without Fillers)
  • Pink Wrapping and Black Ribbon Bow
  • Free delivery from 10AM to 6PM

17 Red Roses Bouquet

17 Red roses always remain the perfect gift to your sweetheart and it has a whole other level of significance. When it comes to deep red, it evokes feelings of deep romance and intimacy. It's no wonder that you instantly think of that special someone when you see this item. Bring the delight to her as she wishes with this floral bouquet. Let your love be depicted with these aromatic and the most charming red roses.

Indulge in the passionate allure of our exquisite bouquet featuring 17 majestic red roses, each standing tall at a height of 60-70 cm. Wrapped in soft pink packaging, adorned with an elegant black ribbon bow, and accompanied by free delivery from 10AM to 6PM, this bouquet is a perfect expression of love and sophistication.

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