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Product Specifications
Myriad pink and white flowers 40 stems- pink roses, chrysanthemum delistar, gladiola to form the sweetest gift to welcome the sweet fairy her proud mother. This big basket is a perfect complement to the multitude of emotions afloat at the moment. Order online this beautiful combination of sweet emotions and have it hand delivered at a convenient location and time.

Buy Online and Send Baby Girl Big Flower Basket

DFD presents baby girl big flower baskets with bright pink flowers like roses, gladiola, chrysanthemum and carnations. Give a mega gift when there is news about a new baby girl born for nearest or dearest. It looks really big as well as premium at the price of AED365 including delivery in Dubai. You don’t have to say that you are really happy, by just expressing it in such a big way. It is a kind act of sending flowers to cangratulate the parents of a new born baby girl. With this in mind, order with the nearest florist with an online shop for delivery.

While the newborn does not understand the significance of the flowers you are sending, consider that there is no better way to begin her life than being surrounded by nature's beauty. Let the eye soothing appearance and the sweet fragrance give double joy and happiness to the parents also. These lovely blossoms will also assist you in expressing your genuine joy for their special occasion. So, if you really want to treat them in a special manner, this is the perfect option for you. This thoughtfully arranged new born baby gift from your local flower shop can be purchased quickly and easily.

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