Believe Me

AED : 180

Believe Me – 6 pink oriental lilies and 6 pink roses hand bouquet is great way to achieve a harmony of words and action to build a strong bond. Get this flower delivery go straight to her office or home in Dubai with no extra charges and carry a positive note in free greeting card.

Pink Lilies Roses Bouquet to Celebrate Better Love Life.

Pink Lilies Roses Bouquet Dubai ooze class and their look alone leads our thoughts to feelings of hope and aspiration. This bunch of fresh flowers expresses every feeling in view of spring to mind - from sympathy to joy to appreciation. These dramatic, yet delicate blooms will say a lot without even uttering a single word! You can use this for people who have just landed for the new job or enjoying a promotion. Same as for moms, birthdays or just congratulations, they are perfect for just about any occasion. Promulgate the idea of more love, more peace, more comfort in a relationship by living the promise and giving the best. With this in mind appreciate and love her deeds that may lead to the better stage of a love life.

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