Song of Soul

AED : 297

  • 6 Red and White Roses in Vase with Fillers
  • Free delivery from 10Am to 6PM


We all know that happiness comes from our own actions. Thus the combo gift, Song of Soul that consists of 6 roses Patchi chocolates promotes the act of sending gifts. Someone is able to really enjoy life only when he shares what he has with others. Thus, there are several reasons to share and care for; each one of them is an opportunity to uplift self and others. Similarly, the quality of our thoughts and words also make an impact on the level of happiness. So, when you order this flower vase and chocolates box online, it opens up ways to apply thoughts, words as well as action. Those who enjoy the little things life prefer such beautiful and sweet gifts. Happiness often drives you to the doorstep of love and to experience that heavenly feeling. We enjoy being in this service of flower delivery to make many of our customers happy.

The right person in your life gives you attention and affection through kind deeds. He may select 6 roses Patchi chocolates to show care and commitment on a special day. Being happy does not mean that everything goes perfect. Thus, when there is some turbulence on this journey do not give up but try for the sweet and beautiful experiences. This act of sending flowers helps to find that heart that will love at the worst times. Those arms will hold you always tight to cross every difficulty.

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