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Send Cheap and Best Flowers Frequently:

Everyone needs the best and fresh yet cheap flowers delivery in Dubai as gift. Thought everyone need best quality, it should not be very expensive as they need to send flowers frequently at cheap rate. A beautiful arrangement does not cost too much to get home delivery even at a distant place. As the cost is not very high, you can send gifts to others, many times a year.

Offering Less Price for Regular Users:

Yes, prices are lesser here as you are now in a well established online shop. When you go ahead to make the order, see that there are no hidden delivery charges to give the best. Cheap flowers delivery Dubai is ensured so that you can brighten the lives of many others by gifting your love and care.

Minimum and Maximum Prices:

Minimum order value for delivery should be AED130/-. It is a good offer when it is applicable even for a same day service, to any distant place. Transportation, toll, parking, free-zone gate pass etc need not be paid extra while you experience the comfort of dealing with a professional local florist. So, the minimum price covers the cost of flower arrangement and other expenses reasonably.

Examples of Cheaper Priced Gifts:

  • USD 41 (Around AED 150/-) makes a gift of 3 red roses in vase including delivery charges. This will also take your short or long message to the recipient reminding her of continuous flow of love.
  • AED130/- for 6 roses bouquet in any of these colors- Red, pink, white.
  • 12 Red or any other color roses hand bouquet in best quality can be delivered in Dubai for AED 180/- (USD49/-). There will not be any extra charges to be paid when you proceed to payment page and that makes it the cheap and best.
  • All medium sized hand bouquets like 3 stem oriental lilies and 6 red roses with premium wrapping can reach the recipients door step for the cheapest offer price of AED 180/-.Glass vase arrangements like 10 double color purple orchids also comes in the same price range and includes all delivery expenses, greeting card and excellent presentation as a gift.
  • Items in Price Range of AED 200/- to AED 300/- also offers more number of flowers, and medium sizes, and elegant styles that would surely be appreciated. Customers from all the parts of the world select this online florist to make repeat buying.  Cheap and best flowers in Dubai are being offered online since inception in 2004 and it still continues.

Cheap and Best Flowers - What are Customers Expecting in Terms of Quality?

When customers look for cheap and best flowers, they generally expect a combination of affordability and good quality. Here are some key expectations customers may have regarding the quality of flowers:


Customers expect the flowers to be fresh and in good condition upon delivery. Fresh flowers have vibrant colors, firm petals, and a pleasant fragrance. The flowers should not appear wilted, damaged, or past their prime.


Customers want the flowers to last as long as possible. They expect the blooms to stay fresh and vibrant for a reasonable amount of time after delivery. This includes providing proper care instructions to help customers maximize the lifespan of the flowers.


Customers appreciate a wide variety of flower options to choose from. They may expect a diverse selection of flowers, including popular choices like roses, lilies, tulips, and more. The availability of different colors, sizes, and arrangements adds to the overall satisfaction.

Professional Arrangements:

Customers expect the flowers to be expertly arranged by skilled florists. This includes aesthetically pleasing combinations of flowers, appropriate use of greenery, and well-balanced designs. The arrangement should reflect the customer's preferences and the occasion for which the flowers are intended.

Value for Money:

While customers may be looking for affordable options, they still want to feel that they are getting a good deal and value for their money. They expect the quality of the flowers to meet or exceed the price they paid. This includes considering factors such as the size and quantity of the flowers in relation to the price.

Timely Delivery:

Customers expect the flowers to be delivered on time, as per their requested delivery date and time slot. Punctuality is important, especially for special occasions or events where the timing of the flower delivery holds significance.

It's important for florists to understand these customer expectations and strive to meet them by sourcing fresh flowers, employing skilled florists, and ensuring proper handling and delivery processes. By meeting or exceeding these quality expectations, Dubaiflowerdelivery can provide customers with a satisfying experience when purchasing cheap and best flowers in Dubai.

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