Gourmet Fruits Basket 4 KG

AED : 257

This wonderful combination of fresh fruits 4 kg and fresh flowers will instantly brighten up the dreary atmosphere prevailing around a sick person and will egg him towards a speedy recovery. Fresh flowers are added on one side of fruits basket, within a separate container. Greeting card and free delivery anywhere in Dubai offered with this gift.

Luscious fruits are teamed with few bright flowers in a basket to be sent to an ailing friend who is in dire need of cheering up. Fruits basket delivery Dubai along with fresh flowers is being used by many companies and individuals to convey the message to the recipient. Grapes, Apple, Orange, Kiwi, Pineapple and Banana are organized properly in a willow basket. Choose the precise gift combining fruits and flowers from this website to convey the message of togetherness.

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