Blue Light

AED : 240

4 Stems of White Oriental Lilies with multiple blooms

10 Stems of Blue Orchids

Vase Arrangement

Free Delivery anywhere in Dubai between 10 AM – 6 PM

In order to spread the light, there need to be light within us. “Blue Light” flower arrangement of blue orchids white lilies will surely help us to spread some light. Let there be no darkness within, as it is painful. It can work for truth and forgiveness and convey the message strongly. Blue Light is one of the best means to welcome a new born baby boy to the light of the world from darkness of the womb. Hope it will be useful to you sometime.

In an attempt to make ourselves and other happy we send flowers and gifts that will surely show some result. Sometimes some sacrifices and most of the time the care and attention are the ways to make others happy. When there is lot of challenges and difficulties some help or just the presence of the dear ones can make a lot of difference. Vase of blue orchids white lilies can remove sadness, loneliness and bring joy. Therefore, gift a bouquet and get a smile as reflection of happiness.

When we are content about what is available that gives the feeling of heaven. When we are highly angry about what is happening in life that gives the feeling of hell. It is the thoughts, words and actions that leads to these situations. We need to nurture good qualities and make great efforts to develop heavenly feeling within. Out of this world, anywhere else we will not be able to see of experience both of these. One of the best ways to feel the pleasure of giving is to order for the vase of blue orchids white lilies and ask to deliver the same to the loved one in Dubai or Sharjah.


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