Hand Bouquet of Purple Orchids

AED : 200

Free delivery on 210 Purple Dendrobium Orchids hand wrapped as a bouquet. Exotic beauty and rich tenderness are loved by a female for it represents love, wealth in abundance, and beauty.

Man can speak his heart by sending this purple orchids

Give away the charm and express your love to get the space filled again with more in return. Send purple orchids from anywhere in this universe to Dubai to get it delivered by an expert. Online flower shop based in Dubai comes to your help by providing the best natural products and service. Beauty, love and innocence emotionally linked in the form of original orchids born with perfection.

Above all,  a man can speak his heart by sending this purple orchids to the lady of his choice. She will understand the purity of his intentions and react softly. Every action will met with a response and surely this one will really positive. Hope it will remove the hurdles and make the path ready to travel together. Your kindness and understanding will surely will worth. This action of sending flowers without expecting anything in return. It can express its holiness of unconditional act by all means.

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