20 Yellow Calla Lilies

AED : 349

  • 20 yellow calla lilies in plain vase
  • Height is about 60 CM
  • Ribbon bow is added to the vase
  • Free delivery and message card ensured

Inspire someone to get well soon

20 yellow calla lilies delivery Dubai is one of the best ways to express gratitude to someone. Not only for the wonderful hospitality during a short stay but also stand by the side of the bed.  It will sincerely inspire someone to get well soon. As a result, congratulations and best wishes will also easily communicate through 20 yellow calla lilies. Moreover, a worldly material request will set aside for some time with naturally beautiful calla lilies will take over the consciousness. Glass vase with wildflowers will stay fresh many days. Yellow calla lilies delivery Dubai personally with a secret message in the closed envelope.

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