More than a Jewel

AED : 796

More than a Jewel – 100 Red Roses Free Delivery

100 Roses simple bouquet with red wrapping (Or any color as per your requirement) is a humble and genuine attempt to express a sense of desire deep within. Long stemmed roses of 60 or 70 CM height are arranged closely as bouquet with leaves around. Bouquet is wrapped in red color and tied with a ribbon bow.

Please note: We do not have service to Jebel Ali Free Zone on 13th and 14th February as the access is difficult. Please use alternate address.

When 100 Red Roses Bouquet is More Precious than a Jewel.

More than a Jewel is 100 red roses bouquet from DFD Express. It may be a quick decision to send a big bouquet to Dubai. But this local florist with years of experience is ready to prepare and deliver them on your behalf on same day within few hours. In effect it is much more precious than jewels, as it directly touches the heart of both the sender and receiver. It is the external appearance, beauty and the high price that give value to a jewel. But when you gift 100 red roses bouquet it is a declaration of real love that is forever. External beauty of a jewel would appear valuable upon receiving it but that may fade by the time.

When you feel that everything valuable is available but still something is lacking in life just look at the nature. Even when lot of wealth and material possessions available what gives real happiness is the really beautiful creations of God. 100 red roses bouquet in effect will be more effective than a jewel in creating or maintaining a precious relationship. Sometimes the more material things we acquire more poor, empty or meaningless we may feel inside. Struggles, hardships and problems in life create the jewel of happiness. When we work hard for a worthwhile goal we are actually in search of a reason to be happy. More than a Jewel delivered by the local flower shop in Dubai will surely be a reason to become happy.