Blazing Blooms

AED : 400

36 long stem red roses in glass vase is a sure promise of love sent to some in Dubai, appreciating even the smallest merits and hoping to bring out the best within. Greeting card is included with free delivery of this present.

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36 Red Roses in Glass Vase as Blazing Blooms

Blazing Booms is a conversation in silence with the one and only person. What is meant by it is truly understood by the person who receives these 36 red roses in Dubai, without even adding a message. All the barriers of minds are demolished by the act of sending simple flowers as a gift. Good thoughts take the shape of such beautiful products being given free. A short conversation with the help of 36 red roses will surely be more effective than long talks.

Blazing Blooms are fully charged with positive energy that transforms the mental pattern of both the sender and recipient. Lengthy conversations may not be focused on the main point that is intended. Here there is no waiting for the speaker to finish so that listener can start with the talks. It is a one way, most effective talk that touches the heart of listener instantly. Thus stop unwanted mental conversations and make a practical move towards the desired result of happiness and love.

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