Language of Love

AED : 275

25 red and pink roses arranged in plain glass vase with an added ribbon bow, conveys clearly about your understanding of her kindness and dedication in life together. Loving and appreciating may be one and the same or stand for each other when it is with the life partner. Language of love is spoken better through the media of sending flowers.

25 red pink roses intermingling with a brilliant sparkling of lush green leaves in a glass vase hand delivered. This sweet array of colors forms an eye catching bouquet. All things considered, when arranged in a crystal clear glass vase forms the choicest gift ever. It for sure, that would leave the recipient blushing and blooming with happiness. For this reason, this local flower shop in Dubai is helping to rejuvenate your romance on wedding anniversary with a celebration of love. Expressed eloquently in a bunch of the sweetest and freshest blooms this gift will speak about your refined taste and leave your loved one grateful about being the special one in your life. Few words or an appropriate lengthy message in foreign language or English can added in a greeting card. Free delivery, just an added advantage when the superior service guaranteed in Dubai.

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